Thanksgiving Turkey Tea Talk

There is no doubt about it, Thanksgiving is going to look and feel different this year. This year many traditions will be put on hold.  Many people will be spending the holiday away from family and friends due to COVID-19 and travel restrictions. For our family, both Thanksgiving and Christmas will be VASTLY different, especially Christmas.  Our daughter who lives in Japan will be celebrating the holiday with her small group of friends in Osaka, instead of here with us and our other daughter and her family who live in Minneapolis, will be celebrating Christmas with us via a video chat.

So… many of us are more stressed out than usual, and will probably continue to be that way, because we haven’t been able to do the things that help us feel calmer and more connected. We all have Thanksgiving traditions that make the holiday special. Whatever rituals you have, that have been a part of the holiday for you and yours, try to preserve them, but because of the virus, perhaps they will be a little different.  You can still watch Thanksgiving Day football games and spend the morning debating if the stuffing should go inside the turkey or in a separate pan for the oven. BUT, whatever you do, please do it safely.  

One thing though that makes Thanksgiving so special, is its sensory richness, and that we can still preserve.  The smell of freshly roasted turkey (I prefer the dark meat, by the way, just in case you are wondering), the sight of the candlelit table and the taste of that piece of pumpkin pie, piled high with mounds of whipped cream!  All these sensory experiences can be a real pleasure, enhancing the joy of the holiday.

 So, I want to suggest the perfect tea to accompany that piece of pie – Cranberry Autumn- a black tea blend, by Harney and Sons. The China black tea base is pleasant – robust and solid. There is this perfect pairing of cranberry and orange that gives it a sweet yet tart/tangy kind of taste that is very appealing, and yet the flavor does not overwhelm the black tea – the perfect balance. There is also a slight floral edge to this tea that is quite surprising and pleasant. In the end – a full-bodied brew, that is exceptionally smooth. 

We all have something we can be grateful for. This year more than ever we need to turn our minds and hearts to all the good things in our lives, that will brighten up perhaps an otherwise difficult Thanksgiving- realizing that it won’t be the same as in the past, but it still can be a joyful celebration.

Happy Thanksgiving – just make sure it’s safe, as you are drinking your perfect cup of holiday tea – Cranberry Autumn.

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