Who I am…

Don’t hit delete yet! Just bear with me for a few moments and read on, and you’ll quickly discover who I am and what I’m all about! So here goes… read on! But first a question.

Do you have some form of tea in your house?

I certainly do… and LOTS of it – green, white, yellow, oolongs, black and dark teas and dare I say, a few herbals. Like colors of the rainbow almost! It’s reported that 80% of homes around the world have some form of tea that can be found in them. And better yet – how about this number – around the world 2 BILLION people drink tea every morning. Now, how do you think the researchers came up with that number? A world wide poll or survey? Did they go door to door and ask” Do you have any tea in your house?” And undoubtedly not a census survey. Can you image giving a survey questionnaire to every member of the population? Who knows just precisely how they really arrived at those numbers, BUT, tea is the most widely consumed beverage in the world next to water. It’s been reported that 5 out of 6 Americans are tea drinkers. That translates to over 158 million Americans will drink tea on any given day. And since it is served hot or cold on a regular basis, the beverage appeals to many different people. Maybe that’s why Americans consume over 3.6 billion gallons as a people every year.

Do Americans Drink the Most Tea?

Now here in the United States we do slurp down a lot of tea but, you know there are two countries which drink A LOT more. Do you want to hazard a guess? Okay, give up…I’ll tell you Turkey and Ireland, in that order. Tea consumption in Turkey is so great that the average Turk consumes almost 7 pounds of tea per year, or averaging about 1, 000 cups per year. Now, Ireland… how about 300 liters of tea per person every year!

So just where am I going with this?

I’m having a love affair. No silly, not the kind you’re thinking – my affair is with tea. I am in love with tea, and all things that are even remotely connected to this glorious and magnificent precious brew. And so I’m going to write about this affair from A to Z and then back again and again.

So why do I love to drink tea?

I love to drink tea each day because it brings out my inner tranquili-TEA. A total groaner I know, but get ready to read the ABCs of tea and perhaps discover a few things along the way about this exquisite and perfect beverage.