Tea and My Many Moods

We know that tea has historically been associated with mood and performance benefits, such as relaxation and concentration. There is TONS of research, studies, reports, articles, findings, etc. about the different kinds of tea and how they can affect one’s mood. Many of us understand and appreciate that teas are full of essential oils, minerals, antioxidants, and that these have a direct result on one’s mood in an excellent way. Therefore, drinking tea helps with mood swings and mood problems. Right? But right now, that’s just WAY too complicated for me. 

 Well, I don’t know about you, but my quarantine mood swings are crazy! Being basically house bound since March, I’ve been on a roller coaster of emotional highs and lows and I know I’m not alone. Every day I just try and ride out my moods the best I can.  I must admit though, already watching Hallmark Christmas movies does not help at all.

 What does help…

There are many things, but one that has surprised me is the comics believe it or not. Reading the comics in my daily newspaper has proven to be a great source of pleasure, diversion and just plain fun.  I’ve even started collecting my own “laugh out loud” ones in a journal. But I keep going back to Peanuts and my favorite character Snoopy. His outlook on life and his zaniness shine, especially his thoughts and quotes about tea. And Snoopy’s “My Tea Moods” simply put, is exactly how I’m feeling about tea in these COVID-19 times. 

Thanks, Snoopy for getting it exactly right! You are my Covid Comic Hero!

P.S. You’ll be seeing my lovely, floppy eared friend and his tea thoughts again in these trying times. He’s always good for a laugh and laughter is what we all need right now.

See you in the comics!

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