Even the Birds are Cold!

Looking out my window, my bird feeder that is shaped like a little house, its tiny roof is piled high with snow. Lately there hasn’t been a bird in sight. We have had some REALLY cold weather and I think the birds are smarter than us, and right now they are sun- bathing on some sunny beach in Mexico, laughing at us. I can just picture it now… there they are, laying on their tiny beach towels, beaks covered with sunscreen, drinking some sweet nectar.

I know that most birds that visit my feeders in the winter thrive on seeds, since insects and fruit are harder to find naturally during the winter. They need foods that have a high fat or oil content that will provide abundant enough energy to deal with these cold days. They don’t have the luxury of blankets, cozy fireplaces or even a cup of hot tea to help them stay warm – that’s why they feel the need to spend their days lounging on the beach. So, I buy nutritious winter foods for them like black oil sunflower seeds, suet mixes with seeds and fruit and millet. As a bird feeding fan, I try to help birds not only survive, but thrive during the coldest stretches of winter, by providing them with food, water, some shelter.

So, here is sit by the window, wrapped up in a warm fuzzy blanket, binge watching all six Thin Man movies and drinking tea. There is nothing more comforting, than a cup of tea on these chilly winter days. With Mr. North Wind, out there huffing and puffing and scaring the sun into hiding, only a cup of tea brings the much-needed warmth, that I need. Tea has been one of my constant companions this winter, my other companions, the birds, have jumped ship and are basking in the sun. But, they’ll be back, with their sunburnt beaks at my bird feeders and I’ll be watching and sipping.  

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