Mastering Iced Tea

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Here are some helpful hints, so you can master iced tea brewing!

So, there are basically two ways to brew your favorite iced tea choices – cold brewing which is mild and less astringent and hot brewing which is bolder and more aromatic.

Let’s look at cold brewing first- cold brewed tea is very mild tasting with less caffeine. It is also rich in theanine, an amino acid known for its relaxing effect. Many love this less astringent, naturally sweet taste of cold brewed tea.  It is also a great alternative to sugar rich sodas and juices, which many of us reach for on those hot, dog day summer afternoons.

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Hot brewing on the other hand enhances tea’s aroma and renders bold, yet pleasing astringency. Aromatic black and oolong teas are best brewed hot for an extra kick, if you need that! One thing you need to be aware of is when you cool down hot-brewed – black tea in your refrigerator sometimes you can see it becoming cloudy with precipitate.  This phenomenon is called “cream down” and it is essentially a complex of caffeine with tannins and such in tea.  Don’t worry however, since this does not affect the taste of the tea in any way.  But, if you do mind aesthetically, adding a small amount of boiling water will clear up the cloudiness. Cold brewed iced tea has less tannins and therefore is not likely to form “cream down”.

So, now you have all the info you need to brew THE BEST ICED TEA EVER!

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