Another Very Hot Summer Day- Thank Goodness for Iced Tea


I don’t know where you may live, but where I am it’s VERY hot and humid, and its been that way for the past several days.  The local weatherman says this heat wave is going to continue, so what do we do on these scorching, blistering, sizzling, and sweltering days?

Go for a swim, host a water balloon fight, watch Frozen so many times that you convince yourself you’re Elsa, go on a frozen food shopping spree, hit an indoor ice skating rink, take a walk through your neighborhood sprinklers, periodically stick your head in the freezer, go to the movies? OR drink some ice cold iced tea!


Iced Tea For Me

Its been a long day

And a hot one too.

Come on in the house

I’ll fix iced tea for you!

Today is the day

We pay homage to

Our good friend iced tea;

I’ll celebrate with you!

I like flavored teas

Just once in a while;

But I always go back

To the tried and true style.

A plain old iced tea

Freshly brewed tastes good;

It quenches my thirst,

As iced tea really should!

Linda Palmer

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