Holiday Teas


Gingerbread Black Tea

What can you say about a tea that smells and tastes like the very essence of gingerbread? If you love gingerbread, this tea will be perfect for you. The smell of gingerbread cookies is irresistible, and wonderful when you first open the package of this tea. The aroma and flavor are full, with subtle hints of ginger, clove, and cinnamon, just like the gingerbread spice you’re used to in your desserts.

This tea tastes almost like a gingerbread cookie. It has a nice robust flavor, not too sweet – just flavorful and spicy. I could taste a molasses-like flavor in this tea and it wasn’t even listed in the ingredients. I liked that because molasses is one of the key ingredients in making gingerbread cookies, without it all you have is a nice spiced cookie. I couldn’t believe I liked this tea, since ginger is one of my least favorite ingredients in tea. It’s a perfect blend!  Very yummy! A light gingerbread flavor, not too strong, but enjoyable for those who like gingerbread.

This is fresh baked gingerbread in a teacup!


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