Christmas Teas


Candy Cane Crush

Once again, I was a little skeptical at first, but oh my gosh!  It’s almost milky so it seems like a peppermint milkshake – a minty wonderland in a cup. This rich and decadent peppermint black tea is strewn with creamy white chocolate drops, crushed candy cane pieces and tons of cute little snowflake sprinkles and I mean CUTE!  It looks very festive with all the peppermint in the loose tea package.

The aroma is pretty much all peppermint, which shouldn’t be a surprise given the ingredients. The aroma instantly reminds you of all those candy canes you consumed as a kid, but the strong black tea offers balance and body. This cup of tea was smooth and had such a gentle but very full flavor.  It almost tasted like a thin piece of peppermint bark that was melting on my tongue with every sip. The peppermint is stronger than the chocolate, but the white chocolate pieces give the tea a slightly lighter and cloudier appearance as well as a smooth creaminess. I found that the slower I took each sip, the stronger the peppermint was on my tongue, leaving a welcomed and flavorful lasting effect.

Candy Cane Crush is a nicely balanced black tea with strong peppermint notes, and a decadent creaminess from the white chocolate. Due to the creamy white chocolate, this tea has a mouthfeel that is richer than regular tea, which may appeal to coffee drinkers who like a more bodied hot beverage. I’m usually not a fan of minty teas but this one has the perfect balance where you can taste the tea and the mint and all the other delicious flavors in it.

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