From the Heart


Now don’t get me wrong – I do love Thanksgiving.  But it’s always a lot of work- from the menu planning (I’m always looking for new recipes) to the shopping and then the actual cooking. And depending on how big a turkey you need for all your family and friends, that will be seated at your thoughtfully, designed table setting, you may have to get up at the crack of dawn to put that bird in the oven, especially, if your meal HAS to be over before the big game starts. Whew! I’m already worn-out just thinking about tomorrow.

But now picture this… it’s late afternoon, there are still games to watch, but everyone’s first go around of the Thanksgiving feast has settled in their stomach’s, and suddenly you hear a voice above the football announcer, saying how about some pie. Well, this year I have a surprise for them… a Pumpkin, Cranberry and Pecan Pie! It’s seriously the PERFECT Thanksgiving pie.  It has everything you could possibly want in a pie. Most of the pie is a subtle spiced pumpkin filling, and then it’s topped with a pecan and cranberry streusel that gets all melty and crispy and delicious in the oven. YUMMY!!!!

Now, I will digress for just a minute – please indulge me and read on.  Did you know that cranberries were a staple for Native Americans during the 1500’s, which is why historians believe it is very likely that the pilgrims and Native Americans shared these tart, brightly colored berries at the very first Thanksgiving? Cranberry sauce has been a Turkey Day tradition ever since. Okay, I’m done with the history lesson.

I have the perfect tea for you to sip while enjoying your pie, whatever it may be – a tea that combines the seasonal spices and festive flavors for a cheerful Thanksgiving “cuppa” – Cranberry Autumn by Harney and Sons. The black tea base is pleasant – robust and solid. I love the cranberry and orange pairing. It gives it a sweet yet tart/tangy kind of taste that is very appealing, and yet the flavor does not overwhelm the black tea, it’s a nice balance. In the end it’s bold but not bitter.

91nlcHk9fpL._SY445_ (1)

It may not be too late to pick some up, especially  if your running out to get all things you forgot to put on your shopping  list, take a minute and check out the tea aisle, your grocery store just may have it on their shelf.

Have a safe and Happy Thanksgiving with you and yours!

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