From the Heart


No, I have not fallen off the face of the earth, as one might think since I haven’t posted in a LONG time… I’m still here but my life has been to say the least somewhat crazy.  In between daily life which in and of itself is complicated and messy enough, and teaching my tea classes at both the colleges and the library, and my part time job at the book store, we are in the process of MOVING! After 42 years in the same house, we are downsizing as the saying goes and it’s not only a painful process its hard, tiring, exhausting, strenuous, wearing, draining, etc. work! I know you can sympathize. (I will post pictures of my “tea room” once its all in set up at the new place).

On top of all that stress, is the pressure of putting the finishing touches on the three power point presentations that I will be presenting next weekend at the Chicago Tea Festival. We will be leaving Friday right after my last class at the college and will drive the 6- 7 hours to the Windy City.  After the festival ends, we are going to spend a few extra days to enjoy afternoon tea at several of the exclusive, high- end downtown hotels.

So, that’s where I’m at… hopefully, you are in a much more calm, relaxed and tranquil place and are enjoying your favorite cup of tea.

And by the way, we at finally at the letter Z and now I will begin again with the letter A – there’s still so much to share!

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