From the Heart


Trying to get back in the swing of things after almost a week away from home – I was presenting at the Pennsylvania Tea Festival this past weekend. This was the second year that I have been privileged to be a speaker at this event.


The two programs I presented this year were – The Tea Horse Road: The Ancient Trade Route to Tibet and Champions of Tea – Women Who Left a Thumbprint on History. I also had 4 different teas each day for attendees to sample.  It was great for me because I was able to “Talk Tea” with so many like minded people, who also have a passion for tea. I also purchased some very unusual teas that I’ve never heard of or tasted before.  In fact I bought WAY too much tea- we are talking BIG BUCKS, but it was money well spent.  I will be able to introduce some of these new finds to students in my classes.

Now, I just have to put the finishing touches on my three my presentations for the Chicago Tea Festival, which is November 1st, 2nd and 3rd. I do so love my tea life!



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