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Vacationing with Tea

It’s that time of the year where we are all traveling and enjoying the outdoors any chance we get! The sun is always out, the temperatures are at their peak and we are energizing ourselves for our summer bucket lists. As a matter fact we just got back from vacation (sorry no postings while I was gone). No matter what, I believe that wherever you go on vacation or how you decide to enjoy your down time that you should always have your favorite tea at your convenience!

Are you an avid hiker or athlete ready to explore new lands and adventures?  Are you taking the kids to Disney World or any other busy resort town? Or maybe, sometimes just lying on the beach with a book in hand while sipping on something cold and refreshing is the best vacation you can imagine. But what kind of tea? Hot or iced?

Hot or Iced Tea?

A hot steaming cup of tea in the summer? Where do you stand on that? Considerable research has shown that drinking hot tea on hot summer days can actually cool you down and add back some nutrients which are lost by sweat. On the other hand,… On hot summer days, you will cool down immediately after you drink cold tea just out from a refrigerator. And considering the health issues, iced tea protects the cellular structures of the tea leaves from high water temperature, thus the healthy substances remain. Hot days and cool, crisp iced tea just seem like a match made in heaven!

So, whether or at the pool on a blistering hot day or just sitting on your porch on a balmy summer night – THINK TEA!

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