From the Heart


My most memorable tea moment…

One Christmas, when I was five years old, I wrote Santa Claus and said that all I wanted for Christmas was a little red table and chairs and a tea set, so my dolls and I could have tea parties.  Well, under the tree that year, set up on the little red table was a tea set with Beatrix Potter’s Peter Rabbit hopping all across the dishes.  The set included two miniature teacups, saucers and plates, a teapot, a sugar bowl and a creamer all nestled in a tiny blue suitcase.  This treasure ensured that tea time with my dollies would always be a treat.

So began…

Endless days of tea parties, complete with milk tea and tiny sugar cookies and the  beginning of my love affair with tea.  It was only as an adult that I learned that my beloved and cherished tea set was none other than Wedgwood; known internationally for its high quality table and dinnerware for over two centuries.  Yes, I still have that little blue suitcase, prominently displaced in a place of honor, for it was that bunny on a teacup that started it all – Thanks Santa Claus!

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