Christmas in a Cup

If you are on the nice list and not the naughty one, it’s not too late to ask Santa to put some great Christmas teas under the tree, just for you. Nothing can bring more warmth and comfort, than some of the teas I’m going to suggest, in the next few days. Any of them are sure to bring a smile to you face with the taste and aroma of the holidays in your cup.

Candy Cane Crush is a rich decadent peppermint black tea with creamy white chocolate drops, crushed candy cane pieces and tons of cute little snowflake sprinkles – a minty wonderland in a cup. I’m usually not a fan of minty teas but this one has the perfect balance, where you can actually taste the tea – a  thick, flavorsome black tea with candy cane pieces that sweeten the blend. It’s steeps to a nice latte, milky color due to the white chocolate that is added in small amounts. The first sip is creamy with a heavenly finishing off of refreshing peppermint. It’s like liquid candy for your mouth with chocolate peppermint tastes soothing down your throat. The taste lingers and leaves a peppermint taste in your mouth from the first swallow. The mint flavor stands out, but the chocolate tones it down so it’s a perfect balance of smooth, creamy, and cooling mint flavors. In the end- it’s a nicely balanced black tea, with a mild peppermint flavor and a decadent creaminess from the white chocolate . A perfect treat to enjoy while you trim your tree!

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