Tea Treasures in My Own Back Yard

Anybody who has been an ardent tea lover for a while, undoubtedly has subscribed to Tea Time Magazine, at one time or another.  I have a treasured stack of past issues that are probably a mile high by now… or at least it seems that way. Well, if you haven’t – “it’s a magazine for all who love tea and who want to enrich life with the serenity of teatime. The magazine proclaims the pleasures of tea as a gourmet beverage and offers informative articles that range from food features to tearoom profiles. Tea Time goes beyond the history and science of the beverage and celebrates the art and passion that make drinking tea a memorable occasion.”

Each issue teases you with recipes and pictures of tiered tea trays laden with dainty mouth – watering tea delicacies. And at least one of the recipe offerings is always gluten- free.  Another regular department is a calendar of tea events that are happening around the country, and that like “I Dream of Jeannie” you wish you could just blink your eyes and you’d magically be at each event. Each issue also feature tea venues that highlight tea establishments, basically from around the globe.  As an “arm – chair traveler” I’ve been to tea in Hong Kong, London, Tokyo, San Francisco, Belfast and a host of other delicious and unforgettable elegant afternoon teas.

But, this current issue, highlights seven tea venues, right here, in my own backyard in Northeast Ohio and I’ve been to each and every one or them more than once – some as many as five or six times over the years because they are that good. And as a matter of fact, one of them – Miss Molly’s in Medina – ten members of my tea group and I were there just two weeks ago. I also have a date scheduled for Quintealia’s Tea Parlor in Burton, Ohio for a Sunday in October. Once again, we’ve been there numerous times, but its extra special because it’s located in a 19th century historic home, with many period furniture pieces, that just elevate your tea experience.  

So, sometime do consider a road trip here to the Cleveland area, and discover these ”hidden gems for teatime affcionados”. Plus, if you are a lover of mystery novels AND tea like me, this issue also introduces you to cozy tearoom mysteries and their authors – the best of which in my opinion is the Indigo Tea Shop in Charleston, South Carolina.

So, grab a cup of tea, your favorite teatime mystery and the latest issue of Tea Time magazine and enjoy!

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