You’re a Good Man Charlie Brown

From the expression on Snoopy’s face we can probably assume that he’s sad, depressed, blue, and just plain down in the dumps. But Snoopy is Charlie Brown’s dog, and despite them not being from the same species, they are still very close friends. If you have enjoyed the comic strip over the years, you will know that Charlie Brown loves Snoopy and cares for him deeply, and thinks he is a great dog.

So, when Charlie Brown’s good friend is blue and unhappy – Charlie Brown offers him a nice cup of tea and an English muffin, to help chase those “blues” away. For many of us, tea is a universal solution to most problems, never mind how big or small. Had a nasty shock? Calm down, have a cup of tea. Tired? Have some tea. Stressed? Relax with a cuppa. Sleepy? Perk up with a cuppa. Look who’s here! Let me make some tea. Too much to do — quick, need some tea. Nothing to do — let’s have some tea. Tea is our comfort drink.

Of course, we have always known that tea is good for us. That it calms and soothes, it relaxes, counters fatigue, helps in digestion, eases, and prevents cough and cold, strengthens immunity and stimulates the mind. Scientific evidence agrees with all of these home truths and adds its own.

So, make it tea time…

With those above health benefits in mind, Snoopy can relax knowing that the steaming cup of tea being offered, is more than just a beverage. It will benefit both his little Beagle body and mind, and even help keep him healthy in the future. So, taking Charlie Brown’s gesture of tea and an English muffin to heart, the next time your friend is feeling blue and just down in the dumps- remember that man or dog can always find comfort in a cup of tea. And if Snoopy could talk, he perhaps would say…

I expect I shall feel better after tea.”
Carry On Jeeves by P. G. Wodehouse

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