Shopping for Tea

The new 2021 spring teas are starting to arrive now… and it is so exciting!! After a harsh winter, spring has never been more wished for!  I only hope that the Coronavirus Pandemic will not cause as many shipping challenges as we experienced in 2020.

So just what are spring teas?

The vast majority of the new teas each year arrive following the initial plucking of the bud break of China bush Camellia sinensis plants, which means that these newly harvested spring teas are generally available to us tea starved beings to purchase starting primarily in May and June.

The 2021 Spring harvest truly represents a year of re-growth and emergence for people all over the world.  As the first buds and leaves emerge this spring, everyone world-wide can embark on the exciting journey of a new tea season.  The first teas this year will be from the Mingqian Season. These teas are harvested before the Qingming Festival “Tomb-Sweeping Festival” on April 4th. These teas are given the “Mingqian” designation which literally means “prior to Qingming.

So, if you are like me and dreaming of all these new teas, just free feel and buy them all!  I know I am!

Shopping for Tea

What tea shall I buy today?

English Breakfast? Earl Grey?

Ginger? Sassafras or spiced?

Rosehip, orange, lemon-iced?

Apple, peppermint, or peach?

Oh, just give me one of each.

Eileen Spinelli

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