A Rainy-Day Tea Poem

What a melancholy and gloomy day.  Ever since I woke up this morning, it has been grey, cold, and raining. And now the rain on the windows is more of a splat – snow?   Where is spring?  The weather outside mirrored my mood inside.  No matter what I did lifted the gloom of the day.  I went from one thing to another… counted cross stitch project, researching Civil War Quilts, reading Laura Childs latest Tea Shop mystery Haunted Hibiscus, sitting with my latest jigsaw puzzle, napping, reorganizing all my teas, watching TV, coloring mandalas, making some brownies, writing several letters, mindlessly surfing the web, and the list went on and on, and all the while drinking endless cups of tea. But it was while I was surfing that I came across this…

Make Me a Cup of Tea

by Victoria Stasiv

Make me a cup of tea

Near the beach, near the sea.

The wind will blow, the sun will shine

And everything’ll be good and fine.

So, maybe tomorrow, it won’t be grey, cold, and rainy and the wind will blow, and the sun will shine, and I can sit outside drinking a cup of tea and everything will be good and fine.

 Thank you, Victoria!

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