J is for Jat

 Jat basically means that the tea is produced from seeds or cuttings from that region. For example, a tea comes from the China or Indian Jat. This means that the tea bushes originated either from seeds or cuttings from China tea plants or from the indigenous tea found in Assam.

A little deeper explanation…

Tea is made from the young leaves and unopened leaf buds of the tea plant Camellia sinensis which has two main types known as the China Jat and the Assam Jat; China Jat – A bush with small, matt leaves. It’s a hardy little bush and can withstand more severe weather conditions, such as frost. The China type grows with difficulty in the plains of Assam, with the average yield and quality being markedly below the Assam bush. Assam Jat – Sometimes know as Camellia assamica, it’s a conical tree with large dark green glossy leaves, which thrives in more tropical climates but does not readily withstand severe conditions. Can grow to over 12m (40 ft) without pruning.

It was difficult to find another “J” related tea word and when I found JAT, I must admit I had never heard of that tea related word before.  Totally new to me – that’s why the world of tea is so fascinating – so many amazing things to learn!

Next… Jiu Qu Hong Mei

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