Fairies Tea

Fairies Tea

Up in a tree, Fairies sit to have their tea.
With china cups and china plates, they eat their dainty fairy cakes.
The tablecloth is cobweb lace. A name card sits at every place.
A warm moss upon the floor. Just inside the small oak door.
Wouldn’t you just love to be, Invited to a fairy’s tea.

 ~ Author Unknown

Where I am at right now (in Northeast Ohio) there are no fairies up in trees.  Our trees here are shivering, with naked branches laden down with ice and snow. So, just where are our fairies here in Northeast Ohio?  I did a little research and I discovered that they are hibernating (smart right, that’s what we all should be doing).  However, I did learn that there are three “musts” that need to be in place, before they “overwinter”. The first… they must have red slippers, second… yellow and blue pajamas and third… unquestionably a snug warm burrow of fine tilled earth – and that’s according to Jo Cockwell.  So, hopefully my fairies here, in the wintery deep freeze (and by the way, they are predicting more snow today) are snug in their hideaways, peacefully slumbering away and dreaming of their first Spring Tea- up in a tree! I know I am dreaming of my first Spring Tea!

By the way… do you know where they get their red slippers and yellow and blue pajamas?

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