January is National Hot Tea Month

Tea- Tea Tea !   Did you know that January is National Hot Tea Month?  Well, it is.  Hot tea is my go-to drink, any time, any place, and any day of the year!  Is it yours?

This holiday season because of COVID-19, my daughter who lives in Japan did not come home, BUT…she did send a lot of new teas from my favorite Japanese tea company Lupica. So, since Christmas Day I have been sampling all my teas and nibbling Christmas cookies. You did know that it is a rule that a cup of tea must be enjoyed with either cookies, scones, cake, or whatever high caloric, sugary, decadent goodies you have just waiting to be devoured in your kitchen – by the way, tea and toast is my favorite.

So, during the month, keep warm, eat lots of tiny treats or big ones for that matter, but enjoy them with a cup of tea – better yet a pot of tea and celebrate all the benefits of tea.

P.S. A huge thank you to all the growers, processors and distributors all over the world of this most popular drink next to water!

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