Rainy Day Tea


It’s been a rainy late afternoon…

There have been news alerts all afternoon on the TV, about severe weather including, lots of thunder and lightning, possibly high damaging winds and warnings of flooding in some areas around where we live. I wonder what it’s like down by the lake? But, we’ve been sitting out on our front porch area, watching, listening and drinking tea.

So, if it’s raining where you live or the next time it’s raining- make a “cuppa”, watch and listen to the rain and think of this poem.

Cup of Tea on a Rainy Day

Outside a cold rain falls
I hear passing cars whoosh
as they rush down the street
splashing through puddles
neglecting the people walking
inside I am warm and taking tea trying to write some poetry
what comes to mind
is the tea that I drink
it is warm and comforting
but I’m not a tea guru
I don’t drink it everydayI can’t distinguish my Earl Gray
from my Darjeeling
even if they were on hand
I just pull out the tea bag
pour boiling water
and wait as the clock ticks

watching as the tea steeps
and the water transforms
from clear to a rusty red
as the tea bag floats along
swirling its flavor throughout
then I drain the bag

put in the sugar
I consistently use sugar
as my Dad used sugar
then a splash of milk
as my Mom splashed milk
then on a cold, rainy day

I sit back, with pencil in hand
sipping tea and writing poetry.

Bruce Lomas

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