Fuliang Black Tea



The area known as…

“Fuliang” is in the north-eastern part of Jiangxi Province. The region lies just to the west and south of the ‘holy trinity’ of tea provinces:  Anhui, Zhejiang, and Fujian Provinces. The area is well-known for its porcelain and ceramics production (including many tea wares), but it is not as well known for its tea, even though this is an especially important area in Chinese tea history.


is a landlocked province and is bordered by several mountain ranges. Much of the province is hilly, but the province also has large, flat regions as well. The climate varies in altitude, but it is generally subtropical and very humid, with strong seasonal precipitation. The total yearly rainfall is extremely high, but the winter months tend to be relatively drier, with the late spring and summer months being very wet. The PERFECT terroir for tea!


Today the province’s main claim to fame is the exquisite porcelain from Jingdezhen. The area was once known as Fuliang, but during the Song dynasty, the name was changed to Jingdezhen, and today it still is known for its exceptional and delicate porcelain. Most people, even in China, are not aware that the area surrounding Jingdezhen produces tea. By the Tang Dynasty, the ancient city of Fuliang was a tea distribution center.

Next… Fu Liang in my cup!

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