A Cup of Calm


I don’t know about you but…

If I listen to the news or read something on the internet about what’s happening to all of us around the world, it’s really easy for me to get a little disheartened. But the news is also filled with ideas and suggestions to help us look at all of this in a way that makes the stress and seriousness of the situation a little more bearable.

For example, both yoga and meditation have been touted as effective ways to calm one’s mind and relive stress. Chair yoga is as far as yoga goes for me and I have been trying VERY hard to calm my mind and meditate. Calming my mind has never been easy for me, there is always too many things floating around in there.

Right now, I’m determined to find other ways to help smooth away the edges of these difficult and challenging days. There are other simple pleasures in life that also have the same positive impact, such as listening to music or sipping some soothing tea. For me there is also puzzles, crocheting, counted cross stitch, coloring and of course reading.

A Cup of Calm…

Can be a small comfort to help us melt into a moment of peace. So, let us gather as a communi-tea of tea lovers in these times of stress and turmoil, and reach for that cuppa to calm us down. It doesn’t matter what kind of tea – green, yellow, white, oolong, black or dark – it’s the tea that fixes your stressful moments and helps you find the peace that eases the rough edges of the day.

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