From the Heart


I’m always looking for poems that have anything to do with tea, to add to my ever growing collection of poems relating to tea. Today, while doing some research, I came across this one and I want to share it with you.

A cup of hot steaming tea
Revives us on every morning
When we sip it as we scan the news
We feel the early languor lifting

Nothing like a cup of well blended tea
For a tired soul to enliven his body
Its delicious taste and delicate fragrance
Make it everyone’s loves some buddy

A heavenly drink for the torpid minds
A beverage brewed from the best of herbs
A magic potion for the feverish lips
Which in tiresome hours, everyone yearns

Tea time is the pleasant family time
How we babble and burble over a cup of tea
Drawing people closer, cementing relations
Sure, it’s a time to look forward with glee

Valsa George

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