From the Heart


How Do I Love Tea
Let Me Count the Ways!

Tea and me? We’re inseparable!  Tea is a VERY large part of my life, I can’t even imagine a day without my cup, or two or three or more. I love everything associated with it: the tea ware, the cozies, the kettles and all the other accoutrements that make preparing and drinking tea, so relaxing, fun, and enjoyable.

I love the vast variety of types, evidenced by the HUGE array of teas that I have in 2 six drawer rolling storage carts.  Each draw is labeled: Green, Yellow, White, Oolong, Black and Dark and each is filled with teas from all over the world- China, India, Japan, Sri Lanka, Indonesia, Kenya, Korea, Malawi, Nepal, Rwanda, Taiwan, Vietnam and many more. So, whatever the preferred tastes of almost anyone, I can offer them the perfect cup. However, I must admit there are no botanicals- I’ll the tisanes to others.

I love the warmth of tea, the rituals and the way this simple cup forces us to slow down and relax, realizing that often what we think is really important, can be set aside. And that slowing down and drinking a cup of tea often helps bring things into perspective. Lives are messy and complicated and whatever one can do to reduce the stress that living in our world today produces, is a welcome respite- a safe harbor if you will or better yet a sanctuary- a shelter from the storms that life throws us. Tea for me often provides that shelter.

So, how about having a cup of tea with me right now – the kettle is on. 


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