The Cup of Knowledge

the cup of knowledge

Maids of Honor Tart (also known as Maids of Honor cake)…

is a traditional English baked tart consisting of a puff pastry shell filled with cheese curds. A variation is to add jam or almond or nutmeg. Traditionally the tart was a puff pastry filled with sweetened milk curds.

The tart is said to date back to King Henry VIII when he witnesses some of the Queen’s Maids of Honor eating some cakes and demanded to taste one. He found them delicious and named them after the maids. There are ideas that go even further, citing that the maid who made the tarts was imprisoned and had to produce them solely for the King. However, there is another theory that they were named after Anne Boleyn, a maid of honor at the time, who made the cakes for Henry VIII.

A tea room in Kew in Surrey, “The Original Maids of Honor”, dates back to the 18th Century and was set up specifically to sell these tarts.


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