In My Cup…

tea cup

In my last post I shared with you some information about Osmanthus Silver Needles.

The dry leaves…

Had the distinctive peach fuzz of a Silver Needle. The Osmanthus was there but not in large quantity. This is a white tea, and the leaves live up to that signature, with large, full leaves and quite a bit of variation in color, from light grey to a darker green. There were plenty of Osmanthus buds, too, which provided a nice contrast to the greens of the leaves

As to the dry leave’s aroma, I couldn’t quite place the scent. Sort of a honey scent… Honeysuckle?? Something musky and melony… The scent was floral, but a wild sort of floral. Does that make any sense at all?



I began with a gentle temperature – I’m guessing around 140-150 degrees, and a 2 minute brew. The flavor was bold for a white, and I’d strongly recommend this tea to you if you have with aversion to white teas, as it may take you to the discovery that you Do indeed like white tea.  It retained a sweetness throughout the cup, and came through strongly on the finish, virtually rolling off the tip of my tongue. It was delightful, especially with a warm cream scone slathered  some clotted cream! 

The cup…

The beautiful white tea leaves scented with fresh Osmanthus flowers steeped to a sweet peach aroma. The Osmanthus created a unique luxurious nectary flavor unlike any other. It was smooth and sweet, with deep notes of honey and ripened sweet yellow fruits, unlike any other. Every sip was rich with bright, refreshing flavors. 

final thoughts

In the end the light… A smooth white tea taste that blended seamlessly with the fruity, flowery notes of the Osmanthus to make a bright, peachy, and unique citrus-like flavor. This tea was truly a treat to be savored and as you slowly inhale the intoxicating floral notes let the flavors linger on your taste buds! This tea is easily a 5. I dare you to try it and not like it.

Rating Scale

tea rating

All teas will be rated on a scale of 1 to 5, with 1 for dislike and 5 as love:

  1. Dislike (I didn’t like the tea and would not repurchase)
  2. Passable (I didn’t dislike the tea, but I didn’t think it was very good)
  3. Average (I didn’t find it good or bad and would drink it again)
  4. Good (I liked it but it and may repurchase)
  5. Love (I enjoyed it lot and would repurchase)

Next… Po Cha





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