From the Heart


If you have a cup of tea in your hand, what else can you do but sit down and take a break?  To my way of thinking, there are few more relaxing and restorative things in life than a soothing cup of tea and a break.  But just where does that notion of a “tea break” come from? It started at the turn of the 19th Century, primarily in England. Workers would typically start their day at around five or six AM, so employers would let them have a break in the morning to eat and drink tea. It was a way to boost productivity and some employers also repeated the break in the afternoon. In 1916 the English Ministry of Munitions Health Committee stated in a booklet on Hours of Work: “An opportunity for tea is regarded as beneficial both to health and output.” Sorry, I digress and enough of the history.

Back to my original thought…

A tea break means so much more than waiting for the water to boil. Taking time out for tea is about savoring the moment. A cup of tea is the perfect occasion to step back and as I once read somewhere – “tea is finding peace in a bowl.” I kind of like that expression. I don’t know about you but, drinking a cup of Korakundah (one of my MOST favorite Indian teas) just doesn’t have a refreshing effect on my taste buds, but it also revitalizes my spirit. Yes, it does initially quench my thirst, but it also does something much bigger – it’s a gift I give myself – a few moments of quiet, uninterrupted time. This period of time doesn’t have to be hours – just enough time to relax my body, get rid of any tensions and hopefully help to calm my ever-racing mind.


If you aren’t already tuned into the notion of tea breaks, start a new practice. Begin to take some tea breaks and discover for yourself, the uplifting moments of “peace in a bowl.”



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