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In my previous post I shared with you some information on Iron Goddess of Mercy tea.

The Dry Leaves…

Were like little oolong fists that were rolled into erratically shaped nuggets of varying sizes. The multi-colored tea leaves displayed shades of jade and spring greens that were quite sweet and floral, with a very subtle undertone of freshly cut grass.


Iron Goddess of Mercy Organic Oolong Tea

First Infusion…

I used my Yixing teapot and brewed the tea gong fu style, using 195-degree F water and steeped the leaves for just 30 seconds. The leaves unfurled very slowly, and the result was a lush, yellow-gold liquor that was quite floral with some mild vegetal undertones. The mouthfeel and flavor was quite creamy and there was even a touch of butter. It was smooth, silky and sweet. The butteriness was undeniable, but the big player in the flavor was the orchid-esque floral taste. This dominance of floral notes was not surprising given the scent of the dry leaves. The taste was wonderful with a thick, floral taste that coated the interior of my mouth.

Second Infusion…

I used basically the same parameters and found the cup equally rewarding – high floral taste and flavor, with lots of body and a smooth silky creaminess that made each sip a positive pleasure. There was perhaps a stronger buttery presence. The infusion was even less vegetal and more floral. It was quite sweet and left a touch of dryness on my tongue. You can usually get 3-6 infusions, by increasing the steeping time 30 seconds or so for each infusion. How many infusions you do depends entirely on your taste. Experiment!

final thoughts

This tea offers a beautiful balance of orchid and butter notes, with the overall effect being a smooth and highly enjoyable cup of oolong tea. With its sweet fruit and flower combination, it makes a cup that is addictive and refreshing with a long-lasting aftertaste. Iron Goddess of Mercy can be easily sipped and, in my opinion, is ideal for all-day drinking, including multiple re-steeping’s. It is a great tea to share with friends using the gung fu brewing method – plenty of leaf with short and rapid steeps.  Increased steeping times and temperature will draw out distinctively new flavors with each steeping.  Iron Goddess of Mercy is a special treat for oolong tea lovers. For me this is resounding 5!

Rating Scale

tea rating

All teas will be rated on a scale of 1 to 5, with 1 for dislike and 5 as love:

  1. Dislike (I didn’t like the tea and would not repurchase)
  2. Passable (I didn’t dislike the tea, but I didn’t think it was very good)
  3. Average (I didn’t find it good or bad and would drink it again)
  4. Good (I liked it but it and may repurchase)
  5. Love (I enjoyed it lot and would repurchase)

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