The Second Part of the ABC’s of Tea

tea-box-package (1)Here’s the Idea!

So… if you read my introduction, I told you I was going to write about my love affair with tea from A to Z, with the goal being to impart some unknown, but hopefully interesting tea related material.  My first post of course was the letter A and I shared some information about the Aerated Bread Company (A.B.C.) in Britain.  VERY brief recap – a large chain of tea rooms in Britain. 

But, also for every letter of the alphabet, I’m going to tell you about what I think is a noteworthy tea.  Now, some of these teas may be new to you, while others you might say “oh…that one, it’s already in my cupboard and I love it!” The postings will be in two parts.  In the first part, I’ll provide some background information, history, legends, etc. about the tea in general.  The second part will be my own thoughts about the tea and if it has a permanent place in my tea cupboard. 

So, with January being National Hot Tea Month, now is the perfect time to expand your tea horizons and try a “cuppa” of this time honored beverage which not only warms the body, but the heart and spirit too. 


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